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Building Fully Reinforced Monolithic Green Buildings

In Egypt 


Nano Glass



Green Building Materials (Insulating Concrete Forms - ICF) New!

used for building Fully Reinforced Monolithic Green Buildings see more details on ICFs


Fiber Reinforcement for Tougher, Longer-Lasting Concrete

With synthetic concrete reinforcement products from FORTA Corporation, you can control cracking and add long-term durability to a wide variety of concrete applications. Since FORTA's beginning in 1978, its fibers have played an important role in the design and construction of many different types of projects, including airports, tennis courts, swimming pools, warehouses and public schools.

More than a product manufacturer, FORTA Corporation is a worldwide leader in synthetic fiber research and development. From a single grade of fiber, FORTA has expanded its product line to include an entire family of reinforcement fibers, each tailored to specific applications and demands of the international concrete community. Coupled with a dedicated and knowledgeable management, staff and workforce, FORTA Corporation will continue to lead the way in building a better and more durable concrete future.




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